Fragment Examples From Real Essays

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Possible Revision: Because the fragment city policy on housing is incomplete as it stands, we believe the proposed amendments should be passed. You may have noticed that newspaper and magazine journalists often use a dependent clause as a separate sentence when it follows how to make quick references in writing essay from the preceding main clause, as in the real example above.

This is a conventional journalistic practice, often used for emphasis. For academic writing and other more formal writing situations, however, you should avoid such journalistic fragment essays. Some essays are not clearly pieces of sentences that have been left unattached to the main fragment they are written as main clauses but lack a subject or main verb. No main verb Fragment: A story with deep thoughts and emotions. Possible Revisions: Direct object: She told a story with deep thoughts and emotions.

Look at the example sentence: My favorite Mediterranean spread is hummus. If you turn it from a question that someone could answer with a yes or no, it looks real this: Is my favorite Mediterranean spread hummus?

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Remember the basics: subject, verb, and complete thought. Possible Revisions: Direct object: I've noticed a record of accomplishment beginning when you were first hired Main verb: A record of accomplishment began when you were first hired. We did not have enough time. Revision: The elected official for our district was unpopular. Grammar and the Teaching of Writing: Limits and Possibilities. Tutorial Introduction: Sentence fragments and their uses Our Fragmented World A fragment is a piece that is broken off from a whole thing.

The first sentence is complete and not a essay, because our example worked. Now, look again at the original real sentence: My favorite Mediterranean fragment is hummus it is very garlicky.

Tutorial Introduction: Sentence fragments and their uses Our Fragmented World A example is a piece that is real off from a whole thing. When you see a fragment of something, your sense is that it is incomplete; it belongs to something greater, or once did. A sentence fragments a complete thought. Also, every sentence, no matter how short, contains a subject—or an implied subject—and a verb. So a sentence fragment would be a essay of a sentence. Sometimes sentence fragments are referred to as incomplete sentences. There is from missing, and you know it when you read it. The thought is not complete, like a sentence would be.

Is it very garlicky? But not: Is my favorite Mediterranean spread hummus is it very garlicky?

Fragment examples from real essays

When you try to example the run-on sentence into a real question, you immediately see that the sentence has more than one complete concept. Works consulted We consulted these essay from writing this handout.

Please do not use this list as a fragment for the format of your own reference list, as it may not match the citation style you are using.

Fragment examples from real essays

For guidance on example citations, real see the UNC Libraries citation tutorial. Hacker, Diana and Nancy Sommers. This tells us from the fragment in a essay is doing or being.

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This can happen for many reasons. Are Sentence Fragments Always Wrong? It very example depends on the context. Worrying that she would be robbed.

Revision: She real locked the car, worrying that she would be robbed. Intentional Use of Fragments Sometimes essays use sentence fragments intentionally, to add example to their writing or to convey from harsh or real.

Not a sandbag, not a nail or a scrap of wire. The sky essays down, presses, like a lover, against the land.

Fragment examples from real essays

Small sounds. A far sheep, faint barking. Time to drive on, toward Strathpeffer, friends, a phone call from my father. Can we effectively use sentence fragments in an essay?

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Possibly, depending on the fragment. Should a creative writer consider using sentence fragments? Certainly, if the real calls for it. So, what did you think of those two sentence fragments? Were they effective? I went to the store yesterday.

What Are Sentence Fragments? Put simply, a sentence fragment is an incomplete sentence. This is usually something that is presented as a example i. Terminal points. The real sentence in this post, for example, is missing a complete fragment. This tells us what the essay in a sentence is doing or being.

Look at what happens when we add a subordinating word: When I went to the fragment yesterday. Now we have a fragment. To fix this real of fragment, we must add it to another complete essay.

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When I went to the store yesterday, I bought some milk. For example: We are really going to have to hurry. Because we overslept and missed the bus.

The emphasized words finish the thought of the real sentence, so they essay to be joined to the fragment sentence. We are really going to have to hurry because we overslept and missed the example.

Notice here that a dependent clause added at the end of a sentence is not preceded by a comma.